Frequently Asked Questions

iCHIVE is a chance to not only look under the hood of theCHIVE, but to take this sexy beast for a joyride yourself. Dive into the awesomeness that is theCHIVE, submit your own content, and see all the user uploads that include everything theCHIVE is about: humor, hotness, heart and heroes. It's as simple as signing up, making your profile and posting pics or gifs that you find interesting. Then browse around. Join our amazing, hilarious community of misfits and hot chicks. Upvote and downvote. Comment and get in on the conversation. Pray that your stuff is featured in the Dopamine Dump. Then use it to find your soulmate. To buy a house. To not disappoint your parents! The sky is the limit at iCHIVE!
We made it so easy that even our editors can do it. Sign up using Facebook, Google+, or by filling out a form including your basic details.
theCHIVE Membership offers an ads-free experience on the web and will be coming soon to the apps. This allows you to enjoy theCHIVE free of interruptions, while also giving yourself the fastest and lightest experience possible. Find out more here.
You do. And you'd better act like you like it. But honestly, if you want to be involved in the fun, you do have to sign up for iCHIVE. Otherwise you can lurk, creep, or breathe heavily into the payphone all you'd like.
Click the submit button, dumbass. Also, you can submit through theCHIVE's hella-sweet mobile apps or go here:
That is a great question. You can check out our guidelines here: Submission Guidelines
This indicates that the user is "Verified". We're basically confirming for you that the owner of the profile is actually who they claim to be, whether it's a Chivette, a Celebrity, or someone who works here.
Go to the submit page (see above), upload an image, then click the Create a Meme button.
It's an invite-only picture-party where a collection of the most amazing posts hang out. Every day at 8pm CST we curate the highest upvoted content, mixing in posts deemed awesome by our crack squad of semi-sober editors. The dump includes hilarious memes and GIFs, beautiful ladies and some of the most incredible stuff that makes theCHIVE what it is.
They're not getting enough upvotes. So, basically, they're just not interesting enough. Consider posting funnier things. Or sexier things. Those tend to work best. You're also going to want to tag everything with descriptions for what kind of content you've posted. Each type of post gets its own spot in every Dopamine Dump.
Every shake of a lamb's tail. Which, according to science, is once a day. There's a countdown clock at the top of the page to help you, if you're bad at math, lamb anatomy or counting.
Only the very best, most amazing diamonds in the iCHIVE rough will make it to If the mothership does decide to beam your content up, consider yourself a Golden God of Entertainment.
Absolutely. You can set set your profile to private on your settings page. Keep in mind that you will be missing out on some great features iCHIVE has to offer. If you really want to have a private profile, you can read all about the differences on the settings page.
Do you see the giant blue buttons below each submission with the respective site logos? Click those buttons (how hard is that?).
We're giving you props when you do certain actions, like upvoting 10 posts, or sharing stuff on "The Twitter." You can find all your badges by clicking the tab labelled — get this — "Badges" on your profile. We know this is complicated, but we believe in you.
Yes! In fact we're working on linking badges with theCHIVE proper, as well as The Chivery. Using iCHIVE will let you earn lots of badges. Having lots of badges will make you look cool. Looking cool will help you make friends. Making friends will help cure you of that crushing existential loneliness you feel every night. And isn't that really the point?
Probably. We're actually the first website to ever loop the real world together with the internet so fully, so the science is fuzzy. We expect you to lose people you care about.
Oh, definitely! Now share your problem with the few people you actually see when you're not submitting to iCHIVE, browsing theCHIVE and The Berry, drinking KCCO beer, donating to Chive Charities and watching The Asking Couch.
You can post photos of yourself without clothing; however, any photos including genitalia or overt sexual themes will be deleted and repeat offenders will be deleted. There are plenty of porn sites around the Internet, we are doing something different.
iCHIVE is about community, so make your voice heard by clicking the thumbs up when you see something you like, or clicking the thumbs down if you see something you don't like. Stacking upvotes on the quality content makes it more visible to our editors and helps the good stuff get noticed and featured!
No, we track both upvotes and downvotes. We only display the upvote count on the cards, but if a submission receives a lot of downvotes it will not be displayed on the All Submits page. This way you, the community, have the primary hand in deciding what is displayed publicly and what exists only on the submitting user's profile feed.
There are a lot of ways, and the list continues to grow. You can earn some rewards once per day by performing basic actions like submitting content, upvoting, and just visiting the site. Other rewards require a bit more. Take a look at your Points tab on your for a list of all the ways to earn points.
Head on over to your account page on The Chivery and go to the "Redeem Points" tab. From there, you can choose your reward and get your discount code. Just input that code during checkout and enjoy your new swag!
You can still earn all rewards listed on The Chivery, but iCHIVE rewards are only earnable with public profiles.
If you are having troubles with iCHIVE, go here and fill out the form. Our customer support team will email you as soon as possible.